Friday, February 25, 2011

State meet follow up

Sorry its been a while guys i was busy relaxing with the absence of practice I just wanted to tell you how it went. So i wrestled first round and tech falled the kid no problem. He wasn't that good so it was a nice first day. Then my second day i wrestled a kid from Saint X. They are an all boys school that no body can stand and i beat that kid by like 5 points and set him in his place. Then i wrestled the number three kid in the state. now that was a rough match we went back and forth back and forth and it came down to 30 seconds left i was down by one. i shot in and had the take down and when i came up i tripped and he put me to my back and i lost. i couldn't believe it but you win some you lose some. Next i wrestled a kid from woodford(they are in our region) any ways i had beat him earlier this year and it was a close match but i beat him handily this time and advanced. Then i wrestled the number 2 kid in state and guess what exact same situation as with the number three kid in state. i was down by one point with 30 seconds left. I'd like to tell you it was a story book ending but sadly no i tried a lat drop at the last second out of desperation and didn't hit it. But in the end i took 6th place in state which means only 5 kids can kick my ass in the state so its not all bad. Thanks for reading


  1. nice job man. it feels good to be close to the top.

  2. 6th isn't bad at all, should be proud.