Friday, February 25, 2011

State meet follow up

Sorry its been a while guys i was busy relaxing with the absence of practice I just wanted to tell you how it went. So i wrestled first round and tech falled the kid no problem. He wasn't that good so it was a nice first day. Then my second day i wrestled a kid from Saint X. They are an all boys school that no body can stand and i beat that kid by like 5 points and set him in his place. Then i wrestled the number three kid in the state. now that was a rough match we went back and forth back and forth and it came down to 30 seconds left i was down by one. i shot in and had the take down and when i came up i tripped and he put me to my back and i lost. i couldn't believe it but you win some you lose some. Next i wrestled a kid from woodford(they are in our region) any ways i had beat him earlier this year and it was a close match but i beat him handily this time and advanced. Then i wrestled the number 2 kid in state and guess what exact same situation as with the number three kid in state. i was down by one point with 30 seconds left. I'd like to tell you it was a story book ending but sadly no i tried a lat drop at the last second out of desperation and didn't hit it. But in the end i took 6th place in state which means only 5 kids can kick my ass in the state so its not all bad. Thanks for reading

Thursday, February 17, 2011

State Meet

So i had my first match of state today. I wrestled a kid from Fern Creek today and i was a little nervous before the match because i had never seen the kid before. I came out amped before the match though thanks to my Holly Wood undead playlist and i tech falled him in the second round. A tech fall for those of you who don't know much about wrestling a tech fall is when you get a lead of fifteen points. a take down is worth two points an escape is worth one point and back points can be between 2 and 3 points depending on how long you hold a kid down for. I think the score was like 23 to 7 or something like that im not 100 percent sure. but tomorow i got two tough kids and hopefully i can win both matches wish me luck.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Concert

Hey guys new post time. So my friends and I have gotten into a tradition these past couple of years of buying tickets to a concert in general admission and getting there really early so we can get front row. Concerts past have been extremely enjoyable, but this one was a little more hectic. The tour was the nightmare before christmas tour with new medicine avenged sevenfold stone sour and Hollywood undead. (By the way new medicine is an amazing band. look up there songs some of my favorites are rich kids, resolve to fight, little sister, and laid, but all of their songs on the album race you to the bottom are amazing) anyways back to the concert. we made it through new medicine and holly wood undead without any complaints it was a nice atmosphere. but then stone sour came up. Stone sour if you don't know is made up of members of slip knot who are an extremely violent band with equally violent bands. When they cam out the atmosphere changed immediately. When they started playing the floor began to move like crazy. If it weren't for the fact that we were packed in so tightly. my friends and i wouldn't have been able to keep our feet under us and falling to the floor in that is the last thing you want to have happen. There was this guy near us, obviously stoned or drunk or a combination of both, and he was extremely belligerent. he was getting a little to aggressive and (names have been changed from here on out to protect anonymity) at one point he began to get to close to my friend stans head and when he started to become physical, stan threw his head back and hit the guy in the face. now this guys a solid 260 and remember he is messed up on drugs and stand is like 185 so it wasn't a fair match up. i looked over and this guy had stan in a rear naked choke and no one was doing anything about it. so I started yelling get off him and punching him in the ribs as hard as i could my other friends, bruce and kent also began punching this guy and he didn't even feel it. Just to show you how messed up this guy was my friend kent is 215 strong and has been in boxing for a few years now. and this guy didn't react. he did however let go and we got away from him imediately. We were pretty lucky once stone sour was done and avenged sevenfold came out the concert was enjoyable again, and nightmare was one of the most amazing crazy songs ever. Thanks for reading

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Current Situation in Egypt

Just thought i would share what I've learned about the situation in Egypt and let the people comment what they think about it. The Egyptian  people have been demonstrating(heavily in Cairo) politically and recently these protests have turned violent. So violent in fact that the U.S. Embassy there has decided that all non government Americans need to leave the country immediately. Communications like the internet and cell phones may have been disabled due to these demonstrations so contact with people has broken down in recent days. The people have been demanding for the resignation of president Mubarak and the situation is precarious. He has technically announced his resignation but still does have some power. Since he has announced his resignation the military which is currently in control of the government requested the people go back to work for the sake of the economy. The vast number of people demonstrating has actually caused their economy to begin to crumble. I certainly don't know where the country is going, but my personal thoughts is that this could be very similar to the Iranian revolutions that took place in 1979 where radical leaders dethroned the shah and took power which effectively turned Iran around from the industrialized track it was on. I think that sometimes the evil you have is better than the evil you don't know. If things are truly bad enough to restructure their economy over there they need to remember what went wrong so that something worse won't take power and cause the country to collapse completely.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Youtube channel

Follow up on my last post if you want to check out any of my matches. go to you tube and look for the channel gslyles1 I've got a couple good matches on there including the region champ match. My favorite match was probably the woodford county match. look it up the ending is good.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

regional wrestling meet

Wrestled yesterday and today in regionals for region 7. It was a long two days for me because i only had 3 matches total so that results in about 16 hours of total waiting around time in a high school gym. not exactly the way i wanted to spend my Friday and Saturday but whatever. the first day since i was a 1 seed i had one match and it was easy so no worries there but day two was intense. i had my two most important matches of the year. if i won them both i would be guaranteed an easy match my first match of state next weekend. so i got through my second match against a kid that looked like he was on straight steroids but i won so he has a small pecker and large muscles for nothing now. my finals match was crazy i went three rounds with the kid and had cuts everywhere because he thought it would be a good idea to head but me repeatedly but in the third period with one minute left. i hit him with a chancellor and pinned him on the edge of the mat. when i was getting my medal i was tempted to Sparta kick him off the podium but i refrained and stayed classy so overall not a bad tournament. i got gold and next week i have an easy match. clutch

Thursday, February 10, 2011

at the moment

right now I have been sitting in front of an xbox screen waiting on borderlands to download. it has taken over an hour and all i can do is stare at the screen in the hopes of it downloading another percent possibly. i could always switch over to tv but then i might miss an important thing dealing with my download so i must remain ever vigilant. I guess my main point of this is to the creators of x box please get off your buts and find a way for me to download things while i have the ability to play games at the same time thank you for reading my rant.