Saturday, February 12, 2011

regional wrestling meet

Wrestled yesterday and today in regionals for region 7. It was a long two days for me because i only had 3 matches total so that results in about 16 hours of total waiting around time in a high school gym. not exactly the way i wanted to spend my Friday and Saturday but whatever. the first day since i was a 1 seed i had one match and it was easy so no worries there but day two was intense. i had my two most important matches of the year. if i won them both i would be guaranteed an easy match my first match of state next weekend. so i got through my second match against a kid that looked like he was on straight steroids but i won so he has a small pecker and large muscles for nothing now. my finals match was crazy i went three rounds with the kid and had cuts everywhere because he thought it would be a good idea to head but me repeatedly but in the third period with one minute left. i hit him with a chancellor and pinned him on the edge of the mat. when i was getting my medal i was tempted to Sparta kick him off the podium but i refrained and stayed classy so overall not a bad tournament. i got gold and next week i have an easy match. clutch